NSCAS Mathematics

Nebraska students (in grades 3-8 and high school third year cohort) are tested using the Nebraska Student-Centered Assessment System (NSCAS) in Mathematics. NSCAS Math was transitioned from Legacy standards to the more rigorous Nebraska College and Career Ready (CCR) standards in the spring of 2018. Three levels of proficiency are determined based on test performance: Developing, On Track and CCR Benchmark. The percentage of overall proficiency in meeting state standards is calculated based upon the scores of students achieving the “On Track” and “CCR Benchmark” levels. The scale scores for the NSCAS Math range from 1000-1550. Three levels of proficiency are determined by state cut scores and grade level, and reported in one of three performance levels. The scale scores and the proficiency levels are available on the NSCAS General Scale Score Chart.
NSCAS General Scale Score Chart
You can learn more in the NSCAS Definitions and Explanations PDF
DATA SOURCE: Nebraska Student and Staff Record System (NSSRS)